you know how the best nights are always around someone's kitchen island?

1033 is an elevated experience at our shared kitchen counter, featuring innovative small plates, raw bar and charcuterie sourced from small producers all over the world.

This is a concept born from years of conversation, bottles of wine and great meals of our own. It’s a property built not only on our collective culinary and hospitality experience, but our passion for connecting people through food and wine.

1033 is elegance and sophistication through the distinct underlying simplicity of the kitchen counter.

Raw bar options are sourced by Chef Justin from small coastal farmers and then flown in overnight. Charcuterie and cheeses come from high-quality domestic producers, as well as some of our finest import partners. Our bread is from our favorite local bakery, and fresh produce from small farms. Shared plates feature the freshest, seasonal ingredients prepared thoughtfully and with the intention of highlighting, not distracting from their original flavors.

This is how WE like to eat, and now we get to share it with YOU.

let's do more of that.

1033 is a wach hospitality venture in partnership with chef justin carlisle

justin carlisle

TONY bisciglia

rob levin

2A Wine Merchants, WACH Hospitality

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