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1033 is a casual, yet elevated experience at our kitchen counter, featuring a variety of shared plates, charcuterie, cheeses, and an extensive seafood and raw bar.

This is a concept born from years of conversation, bottles of wine and great meals of our own. It’s a property built not only on our collective culinary and hospitality experience, but our passion for connecting people through food and wine.

1033 is elegance and sophistication through the simplicity of the kitchen counter.

This is how WE like to eat, and now we get to share it with YOU.

meet chef adam kemmler

At the ripe old age of thirty, Adam has literally been around the world to hone his culinary and leadership skills. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA., Adam caught the bug of cooking while helping his mom in the kitchen while watching shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

Adam made it a point early on to work in many diverse restaurants and learn all types of cuisine. He quickly learned that to one day achieve his dream of becoming an Executive Chef, he would have to be more than a great line cook. Adam focused on learning the business side of the industry such as proper ordering, inventory, food costs, labor cost and soft touch leadership skills. In 2017 he was offered the Sous Chef position at the Italian eatery, Piccolina’s followed by Burgh Bites/Brick ‘N’ Mortar.

In 2020, Adam decided it was time to leave home with the intention of moving to Chicago for some big city experience and tutelage. He packed his bags and decided to start his Midwest journey in the great city of MKE. He found a home at the local, critically acclaimed Le Reve Patisserie & Café lead by Chef/Owner Andrew Schneider. Here Adam learned the classic French cooking techniques that would become a strong foundation for his career.   

In 2021, he took a major step in his culinary career by taking an interim position at Noma, in Copenhagen. Noma has repeatedly topped the lists of the world's best restaurants, and its creator, René Redzepi, has been hailed as his era's most brilliant and influential chef. Adam worked 18-hour days, five days a week, on a diet of coffee, cigs and airline food which was supplied to him by his host who was a flight attendant. Here, Adam learned how to be a “true professional” by recognizing that “no one thing is more important than the next”.  

On his return to the states, Adam was so impacted by his time in MKE that he decided not to move to Chicago, but instead make his home in MKE. He was offered a Sous Chef position with the highly anticipated Lupi and Iris, owned and operated by the local legend Chef Adam Siegel. Adam very quickly became a pillar of leadership for Chef Adam helping with establishing procedures, inventory standards and training of all new employees.  

We could not be more blessed and honored that Adam reached out to us months before we opened 1033 inquiring about the project. From our first meeting, we knew how rare and special it was to have found someone like Adam. His passion for the culinary arts, hospitality and human interaction was evident from day one. We look forward to growing with Adam, learning from him, and creating many amazing meals for the great city of MKE! 

Noma Copenhagen
Lupi & Iris

past experience includes

a wach hospitality venture

TONY bisciglia

rob levin

2A Wine Merchants, WACH Hospitality

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